Project – Nissan 200SX S14a

At the time of writing (Jan 2021), I’ve now owned my Nissan 200SX S14a for 15 years. I first purchased the car when I was 19, and at that time it was completely standard. I used it as my daily-driver for a number of years before assigning it weekend-only duties.

200SX S14a

It’s had a number of modifications in the years that I’ve owned it; some good, some not-so-good. From an aesthetic standpoint, how it sits now will likely go unchanged, but the mechanical journey is just beginning!

Nissan 200SX


The car still has the standard UK front bumper, although mine came without the “touring” lip, so I sourced a used one on the SX Owners Club. The sideskirts are from a now defunct brand called Ziax, and the rear bumper and spats are Nismo (likely reps). The plan is to fit Navan sideskirts and a JDM Kouki rear. I also have an Origin lip spoiler waiting to go on.

S14 Kouki


Being a UK car, it came fitted with an SR20DET. I’ve added basic breathing upgrades (front mount intercooler, downpipe, decat, exhaust). Boost is controlled via an ARK Design Active Boost Controller (ABC).

S14 Interior


The standard steering wheel has been upgraded with a Personal Neo Grinta, and the dash fitted with ARK Design ABC, Rev-Shift Timer (RST) and Multi-Function Dash (MFD2). The custom work was completed by Broadfield Customs in the US. The radio surround has been replaced with a carbon fibre item by Kognition Design, and fitted with period-correct HKS gauges. The gearknob is a vintage Nismo item.

HKS Gauges

Wheels, Tyres and Suspension

The car is sitting on HKS Hipermax Pro coilovers, although these will be swapped out for HSD items in the near future. The HKS setup is awesome, but now in need of a rebuild which is cost-prohibitive in the UK. The wheels are Work Meister S1s (Front: 18×9 +14, Rear: 18×10 +20), mounted with Yokohama Advan AD08 tyres. The front arches are rolled, and the rear arches rolled and pulled to accommodate this wheel and tyre setup. There is still a lot of room to play with in the rear; eventually the Meisters will be refurbished and rebuilt with slightly larger lips to fill this gap.

Work Meister Wheels