Project: Washing Off The Cobwebs

200sx S14

My 10 year anniversary with my beloved 200SX is quickly approaching; it seems only fitting that, after 3 years of complete inactivity, I revive the project.

S14 200sx

Washing off the garage grime

The car was acquired totally standard, back in 2006. At the time, the S14a 200SX was the perfect platform for those that desired a lightweight RWD chassis that was extremely tunable and looked great. Although car styling is subjective, the S14a 200SX continues to age incredibly well; especially when compared to some of its European contemporaries.

Nowadays, with prices steadying, and in some cases appreciating, there are many modern equivalents that provide better value for money than the aging 200SX. Despite this, nostalgia and rarity-factor make this an ever-enjoyable project.

S14 Kouki

Over the span of my ownership, the car has undergone a few modifications to update its styling and make it more enjoyable to drive. This includes HKS Hipermax coilovers, 350Z Brembo brakes, ‘Stage 1’ breathing modifications, and Work Meister wheels (although it is photoed on a set of Enkei RPN1s, above). The exterior bodywork remains close to standard, except for a Nismo rear bumper and unknown sideskirts.

Nissan S14

UK Touring-Spec Bumper, Work Meister Wheels

S14 200SX

S14a 200SX, FD3S RX7

The S14’s cabin includes a Personal Neo Grinta 330mm steering wheel mounted to NRG quick-release hub with titanium hardware, Corbeau Sprint bucket seat, and custom dash integrated with HKS gauges and ARK Design electronics.

Personal Neo Grinta

Personal Neo Grinta

S14 Interior

HKS Power Gauges, ARK ABC, ARK RST and ARK MFD

Personal Neo Grinta 330mm

Personal Neo Grinta, NRG Gen 2.0, Ti Hardware

Yokohama Advan AD08 tyres are waiting to be mounted to the S14’s Work Meisters, along with a custom exhaust due to replace the Kakimoto system currently on the car.

Nissan 200SX
The car has served me well in the 10 years that I’ve owned it. No major reliability issues; thanks to the trickle charger, it fires up first time, every time (even if I don’t touch it for months). The SR20DET engine has been absolutely rock-solid throughout my ownership, despite running 50% more power than it came with.

The S14 now requires a fresh MOT, which will mean a round of minor modifications to ensure the car passes without difficulty. The deadline for these changes is Spring 2016, at which point the car will be fully road-legal and ready for the Great British Summer.

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